Professional Services

SGCS has long upheld a tradition of integrity, quality, and excellence. We can meet the needs of individuals, communities, and even entire regions. Evolving from our background in construction management, SGCS now offers a full suite of management and staffing services to a broad range of clients and industries.

• Professional Staffing
• Skilled Trades Staffing
• Light Industrial Staffing
• Contract Labor
• Recruiting
• Construction Professional Services
• Construction Management
• Process Equipment Installation

Talent Development Program

Responding to clients' increased needs for quality management and staffing, SGCS has introduced a new Talent Development Program. We have aligned our internal operations with our external operations, identifying best practices in order to recruit the best talent. Our driving philosophy in this program is to fully invest in employees, thus building company assets.

→→ Rally stakeholders around training

→→ Design and implement program to develop and advance skills

→→ Align and deliver the best talent

Through coordination, collaboration, and integration, we can achieve a collective impact with a process
designed and customized for each client's particular needs.

Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is built around ensuring the following primary components are given consideration and properly monitored.

Core Elements of Successful Management
• Well-defined Management System
• Stakeholder Commitment
• Understanding Customer Expectations
• Communication
• Safety Awareness